Liam Lorin

Liam Lorin

Technology enthusiast since he built his first computer over a decade ago. Spends too much time playing with his cat when he should be writing articles and bench-marking the latest tech.

2021 WWDC Recap: Everything You Need To Know!

At 2021 WWDC, Apple unveiled updates and features across the board. Whether you’re an iPad or Mac user, or you only use an Apple watch, there’s something new for you to look forward to. Apple’s updates include macOS Monterey, iOS…

Why Are MacBooks Overheating?

created tech macbook heat test while editing

If you’ve been using a MacBook for a few years, you’ve probably noticed that some of the more recent models tend to get quite hot. It’s not just you, and it’s not just your laptop – MacBooks overheating has been…

Are Airtags Actually Secure?

Airtags Security

After a long wait, Apple finally officially announced the much-hyped AirTags. If you’re not familiar, AirTags are Apple’s response to industry leaders, such as Tile, and even established competitors such as Samsung. AirTags can be placed onto any item you’d…

Why M1 Mac Mini is Better Than M1 iMac

M1 Mac Mini is Better Than M1 iMac mac mini with keyboard and monitor

Having so many different Macs to choose from can be a challenge, especially if you’re just taking the first step into Apple’s universe. We have the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and they all come in various versions.…

What is Fast Charging?

phone fast charging

Only a few years ago, fast charging wasn’t really a thing. We would wait for hours for our phones to charge completely, and using them during that time slowed things down even further. This is where the concept of overnight…

iPadOS Ram Limitation in 2021

Apple iPad Pro

When Apple announced the M1 iPad Pro with up to an impressive 16GB of RAM, the argument for using the iPad Pro for more demanding workloads became a lot easier. However, as a developer that’s responsible for the Procreate app…

Best MacBook for Students in 2021

Apple MacBooks

There’s always been a MacBook for students who want to get a high-quality laptop that’s built really well, and don’t mind paying a bit more for that. But with the current MacBook lineup, there are models that range from a…

Top 3 Thunderbolt Docks for a Mac 2021

Thunderbolt dock razer

With Apple replacing all ports on their MacBook lineup with USB Type C, a lot of people have embraced the dongle life. Connecting any device that doesn’t use a USB-C connector requires you to use an adapter, but what happens…

How to Backup Your Data on a Mac 2021

Cloud Backup On Mac

System backup is not something people think about every day, but its importance can not be overstated. If you are like the majority of Mac users, you store a lot of important documents and files on your machine, from family…

What is a VPN and how does it work?

VPN and world map

The number of people using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to browse the Internet has been steadily increasing for the past few years. However, they are rarely used for the purpose they were initially designed for. VPNs were created…

M1 iMac Overview – Should You Buy It?

All iMac m1 colors
The new iMac is finally here. It is an impressive reinvention of the all-in-one Mac and with so many reviews out there, we have saved you some time and compiled everything we have heard about the iMac so far.