Best Home Office Must-Haves 2021

Check out these top home office must-haves, which will help you make your home office space more organized and functional.

For many people, over the past two years working from home turned from a novelty to reality. So during these uncertain times, we have tried to find ways to make our workspaces productive yet comfortable, minimalistic yet inspiring, functional yet motivating.

Getting organized while creating a productive workspace is much easier than you think. You don’t need to go out and buy heaps of new or expensive supplies; you need to focus on what you need.

These home office must-haves, listed below, have been picked to ensure that they assist with your organization, comfort, convenience, and digital security.

Here’s our top home office must-haves:

  1. Cabaley – Cable Management Box
  2. Simr – Cable Clips
  3. BenQ – Monitor Light Bar
  4. Oakywood – Desk Mat
  5. Anker – Mini Port Hub
  6. Rain Design – Laptop Stand
  7. ErgoFoam – Footrest
  8. Bod Support – Seat Cushion
  9. Gimars – Mouse and Keyboard Wrist Support
  10. Vivo – Standing Desk Converter
  11. Ember – Temperature Mug
  12. LapGear – Lap Desk
  13. CloudValley – Webcam Cover

For Organisation

Cable Management Box

Cable management box is a home office must-have
(Image Credit: Cabaley – CableBox)

If you’re someone like me who constantly trips over cables (or anything else that lies on the floor) or would like to have a better cable management system, then check out this Cable Management Box. 

There is no installation required, all you need to do is drop the surge protector with everything plugged in, close the lid, and you’re ready to go.

The cable box has rubber feet to stop it from slipping or sliding, and the lid clicks into place, meaning that all of those bulky chargers won’t cause the cover to just “lie” on top.

Cable Clips

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – Simr 2 Pack Cable Clip)

Do you spend ages looking for the end of the charger to plug into your phone? Well, no more!

This little Cable Clip will hold any cable sturdily in place so that you don’t lose your sanity looking for it. It comes with an adhesive pad on the back so you can attach it to your desk, bedside table, kitchen counter, and even your car dashboard.

Definitely a home office must-have.

Monitor Light Bar

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: BenQ)

This is a computer monitor light. It clips on top of your monitor and brightens the desk to create a writing or reading space.

This light bar eliminates the need to increase the screen brightness, which can be exhausting for your eyes.

Desk Mat

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Oakywood)

Using a desk mat is a home office must-have. It protects the desk from scratches and damage.

If you’re a hot or cold beverage lover, then you need one of these to prevent any discoloration hot/cold drinks may cause to the surface of your desk and keep your drink warm for as long as you need.

It also changes your desk’s look and helps with quickly moving items on top of it all in one go.

Mini Port Hub

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – Anker USB C Hub Adapter)

Anker USB C Hub is another necessity for your home office setup. If you are out of ports on your pc or annoyed by having to unplug and plug all of the cables each time you move the laptop, then this is a great product.

We chose this one because it comes with seven ports, is portable, can deliver power to your pc and has an ethernet connection.

Laptop Stand

Home office accessories

If you are tired of continuously looking down at your laptop monitor, suffer from neck and back pain, or would like to raise it higher to create a more organized desk space, then check out this stand.

We highly recommend this mStand by Rain stand because it is a solid aluminum build, perfect height for the monitor, simple design, well-padded to protect your laptop, and the color perfectly matches the MacBooks.

If you’re interested in a more detailed review of this stand, check out our article mStand Laptop Stand by Rain Design.

For Comfort

For those of you who spend a lot of time sitting in a chair and suffer from back, neck, or knee pain, this footrest and seat cushion may be your all-time saviors. 


Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – ErgoFoam Adjustable Desk Foot Rest)

A footrest is a fantastic item for improving circulation and improving your posture. You will have fewer chances of having leg pain, stiffness and will be less likely to develop varicose veins or blood clots.

Seat Cushion

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – Bod Support Seat Cushion)

For sufferers of back pain, a proper seat cushion is a must. It will prevent you from slouching and ensure that you sit tall. A good quality cushion will also assist in taking pressure off your back.

Mouse and Keyboard Wrist Support

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – Gimars Keyboard and Wrist rest set)

A mouse and a keyboard wrist pad is one item I can’t go without in my home office setup.

These will help you eliminate pressure in your wrists, prevent friction and possibly reduce the chance of getting carpal tunnel later on.

Standing Desk Converter

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter)

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common complaints of office workers who sit all day? Studies have shown that participants who used standing desks for several weeks reported an improvement in lower back pain.

This standing desk converter is an excellent addition to your workspace at a fraction of the cost of an actual standing desk.

For Convenience

Temperature Mug

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – Ember Smart Mug)

Have you ever made yourself a hot drink, forgot about it, and when you finally go to drink it, it’s cold? Well, this Ember mug has you covered.

This mug allows you to set the precise temperate, from your phone, of your hot beverage so that your drink will never get cold again!

For working on the go

Lap Desk

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – LapGear)

If you’re someone who gets tired of sitting in one place and likes a change in scenery, then check out this excellent LapGear lap desk.

This desk fits most 15.6-Inch laptops and includes a ledge at the bottom to secure your device in place. It has a built-in mouse pad and a phone slot.

For Security

Webcam Cover

Home office accessories
(Image Credit: Amazon – CloudValley WebCam Cover)

In the modern age, we are all worried about security. I have noticed many people covering up their webcams with tape throughout my IT career. If you’re one of those people, then ditch the tape and try this out instead!

This cover can be used on most devices, is thinner than a credit card, and has a moveable slider to either open or close the webcam. A definite home office must-have.

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