70 Easy DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts You Can’t Afford to Miss

Edit Smarter, Not Harder

Time is the most valuable resource we have. Therefore, learning how to use shortcuts (hotkeys) in DaVinci Resolve is crucial. Shortcuts significantly increase workflow speed, so you can spend less time on each project.

In this tutorial, I will cover some of the most frequently used DaVinci Resolve shortcuts for macOS and Windows that will save you time. I will mention shortcuts to navigate DaVinci Resolve faster, manipulate clips inside the timeline, and more.

If you integrate just a part of these shortcuts into your editing workflow, you will notice that you will become more efficient.


These are the most frequently used keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve for MacOS and Windows.

UndoCommand + ZControl + Z
RedoShift + Command + ZShift + Control + Z
CutCommand + XControl + X
CopyCommand + CControl + C
PasteCommand + VControl + V
Paste AttributesOption + VAlt + v
Zoom InCommand + =Control + =
Zoom OutCommand + –Control + –
Zoom to FitShift + ZShift + Z
Select AllCommand + AControl + A
Deselect AllShift + Command + AShift + Control + A
Delete SelectedDeleteDelete
Cut ClipCommand + BControl + B
Select Clips Forward on This TrackYY
Select Clips Forward on all TracksOption + YAlt + Y
Link ClipOption + Command + LAlt + Control + L
Enable/Disable ClipDD
Join ClipsOption + BackSlashAlt + BackSlash
Retime ClipCommand + RControl + R
Reset ClipOption + Command + RAlt + Control + R
Turn on/off SnappingNN


Open Media PageShift + 2Shift + 2
Open Cut PageShift + 3Shift + 3
Open Edit PageShift + 4Shift + 4
Open Fusion PageShift + 5Shift + 5
Open Color PageShift + 6Shift + 6
Open Fairlight PageShift + 7Shift + 7
Open Delivery PageShift + 8Shift + 8


Play ForwardLL
Play ReverseJJ
Fast Forward (2x)LLLL
Fast Reverse (2x)JJJJ
Pause/start playbackSpaceSpace
Loop/UnloopCommand + SlashControl+Slash
Play Around Current FrameSlashSlash
Play In to OutOption + SlashAlt + Slash
Previous Clip/EditUp ArrowUp Arrow
Next Clip/EditDown ArrowDown Arrow
First Frame;;
Last FrameApostrophe (‘)Apostrophe (‘)
Previous Keyframe[[
Next Keyframe]]
Previous MarkerShift + Up ArrowShift + Up Arrow
Next MarkerShift + Down ArrowShift + Down Arrow
Previous GapOption + Command + ;Alt + Control + ;
Next GapOption + Command + ‘Alt + Control + ‘
Timeline StartHomeHome
Timeline EndEndEnd
Go to InShift + IShift + I
Go to OutShift + OShift + O


Markers in DaVinci Resolve allow you to mark and highlight certain parts of the timeline.

It can be used to easily navigate the timeline if you are working on a complex project.

Markers can even create YouTube chapters directly in DaVinci Resolve.

Mark InII
Mark OutOO
Clear InOption + IAlt + I
Clear OutOption + OAlt + O
Clear In and OutOption + XAlt + X
Mark ClipXX
Mark SelectionShift + AShift + A
Add MarkerMM
Modify MarkerShift + MShift + M
Delete MarkerOption + MAlt + M
Add FlagGG


The following shortcuts allow you to manipulate DaVinci Resolve project files.

New BinShift + Command + NShift + Control + N
New TimelineCommand + NControl + N
Save ProjectCommand + SControl + S
Save Project As…Shift + Command + SShift + Control + S
Import ProjectCommand + IControl + I
Export ProjectCommand + EControl + E

Make sure you check out The Best Render Settings for DaVinci Resolve.


The following shortcuts allow you to manipulate transitions, color grades, and nodes in DaVinci Resolve.

Add TransitionCommand + TControl + T
Add Video Only TransitionsOption + TAlt + T
Add Audio Only TransitionsShift + TShift + T
Add KeyframeCommand + [Control + [
Delete KeyframeOption + ]Alt + ]
Retime ControlsCommand + RControl + R
Add Serial NodeOption + SAlt + S
Add Parallel NodeOption + PAlt + P
Add Layer NodeOption + LAlt + L
Next NodeShift + Option + ‘Shift + Alt + ‘
Previous NodeShift + Option + ;Shift + Alt + ;
Enable/Disable NodeCommand + DControl + D
Enable/Disable All NodesOption + DAlt + D
Reset Color Grades and NodesCommand + HomeControl + Home
Bypass All GradesShift + DShift + D


All these shortcuts might seem overwhelming at first, but I suggest you start with shortcuts in the “Edit” section.

Integrate these shortcuts into your workflow in DaVinci Resolve one by one.

It might seem hard at the begging, but it’s worth investing the time to learn these shortcuts.

Another way to speed up your DaVinci Resolve editing workflow is by using power bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to customize keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve?

Navigate to the “Davinci Resolve” menu in your menu bar and select “Keyboard Customization. Go to “Keyboard Mapping”. You can create your own custom shortcuts or modify existing ones.

Why are shortcuts not working in DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve shortcuts might stop working if multiple languages are used on the keyboard. Try changing the keyboard layout to English and the shortcuts will work again.

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