Exciting iPhone 13 Rumors

The next iPhone 13 rumors are buzzing, and we are excited to see what Apple will announce at the end of this year. Will there be a design change or feature updates?

The next iPhone release is around the corner, and the iPhone 13 rumors are buzzing; in fact, they have been from before the launch of the iPhone 12.

Apple is very secretive about their new products, but some of these rumors turn out to be accurate more often than not.

We have decided to filter through the noise and bring out the most likely features expected to be on the iPhone 13, including design, naming, and pricing.

Expected Release Date

iPhone 13 Rumours - iPhone 12 from 2020 release
(Image Credit: Apple – iPhone 12)

Unfortunately, iPhone 13 wasn’t announced at the Apple April Event, but we will hopefully see it towards the end of the year.

There is sufficient data to say that we should be expecting to see the iPhone 13 on the regular pre-pandemic schedule, which is the Apple traditional launch time. 

The conventional launch time for new iPhones is around September, but this was not the case for the iPhone 12 due to Covid-19.

However, if earlier reports of the iPhone’s new A15 Bionic chip is ahead of schedule are anything to go by, it is safe to assume that the September launch is once again possible.

Prospective Name

Just like us, many fans are expecting the new iPhone to be named iPhone 13, but if Apple’s eccentric nature is anything to go by, we might be in for an unexpected twist.

We have seen the iPhone names jump from iPhone 8 to iPhone X. Considering that there is massive superstition about the number 13 (highrise buildings often omit the 13th floor), we might be in for another skipped number.

If not a skipped number, then perhaps the old ways of the “S” as we saw with the iPhone 6 and 6S- if there are no significant redesigns as expected, there may be an iPhone 12S.

How much will iPhone 13 cost?

iPhone 13
(Image Credit: Apple – iPhone cost over the years)

There is little known about the next released iPhones’ cost since Apple keeps their cards close to their chest.

Still, we predict it would be relatively the same as the baseline price for iPhone 12, which cost $799 USD, a $100 increase from the previous year’s iPhone 11 – due to 5G support. 

Last year included four phones with different prices. With the iPhone 13 models not expected to have massive changes, word on the street is that the cost would be close to that of the iPhone 12. 

There has also been a trend of Apple competitors reducing the cost of their new phones, citing the pandemic as the reason for their actions.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 costs less than its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S20; whether the iPhone will be at a lower price, we will have to wait and see, but don’t hold your breath. 


What will it look like?

iPhone 13
(Image Credit: ConceptsiPhone – iPhone 13 potential design)

The 2021 iPhone models’ design is expected to be similar to what we saw in the 2020 iPhones because Apple made significant upgrades from the 2019 models with the return of the iPhone 5 flat sides. 

If history is anything to go by, there will be no worthwhile changes. Hardly any videos have surfaced concerning the design except a Japanese website, Mac Otakara, which suggests that they would be the same size but with an increased thickness of approximately 0.26mm. 

Will there be a lightning port?

iPhone 13
(Image Credit: All Apple News)

Since Apple parted ways with the headphone jack, there has been a subtle expectation that the lighting port will be the next to go?

Will that happen with the incoming phones? We don’t think so. Also, Apple is not shifting from the lighting port to USB-C.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has no plans to move to USB-C because it is an open standard and less waterproof than the lightning port.

Although the apparent end goal is to go portless, we have to wait for that feature. 

A portless iPhone will require Qi-based wireless charging and MagSafe accessories; Kuo also doesn’t think the MagSafe market is ready for a portless design.

Will they upgrade the camera?

iPhone 13
(Image Credit: Hype Beast)

One of the most critical features of the iPhone is the camera. The 2020 model camera upgrades were well received and appreciated, but there were comments about room for improvement, especially compared to rival phones. Expected camera changes are:

Zooming capabilities

We could see an improved zoom technology. The best the iPhone 2020 models could offer was 2.5x optical zoom, which is way below what rivals such as Samsung offer for S20 and now S21.

There has been a prediction for a periscope camera, which would allow for better zooming functions.

iPhone 13
(Image Credit: Apple – Night Mode)
Improved night mode

Apple analyst says that there might be changes to the phones aperture – a larger aperture will improve low light photography because it will help more light hit the sensor.

An ultrawide-angle lens with a larger aperture – an f1.8, instead of f2.4 seen in the iPhone 12.

Expected Display Upgrade

One of the expected features in 2020 that never happened was the 120Hz refresh rate, so everybody expects it to come this year.

Unlike the 60Hz, the 120HZ will present a better user experience – a better scrolling experience made possible by a higher screen refresh rate. 

With several iPhone 13 rumors saying Apple will adopt the LTPO display technology on one or two of the expected models – the 2021 iPhones will use OLED displays with low-power LTPO backplane technology. 

Benefits of LTPO include having a better power-efficient backplane, leading to better battery life. Max Weinbach, a well-known Apple leaker, and Elec, a Korean news site, have reported this in the past.

iPhone 13
(Image Credit: Apple – iPhone XS OLED display)

Always-On Display?

Many might argue that this is not an essential feature, but it is expected to come with the new iPhones. With the having  “toned-down lock screen” screen state, the next iPhone will likely display time and battery charge, and incoming notification.

Final thoughts 

We might not be blown away by Apple on the design at the end of this year, but whatever upgrades are made to the 2021 iPhone models, it is expected to be game-changing and impress many iPhone lovers around the world.

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