mStand Laptop Stand by Rain Design Review

Functional and stylish.

For those of you looking for a laptop stand, the mStand Laptop Stand by Rain Design might be a good choice for you. I bought it a couple of years ago to use in the office after spending some time looking at laptop stands online. I figured this was one of the best ones and several years later, I still think it is. Let’s take a closer look at it shall we?

mStand Laptop Stand Design

Starting with the design, the mStand is made entirely from aluminum. This is good for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s very sturdy. You can put a ton of weight on this thing and it will not bend or shake. It’s designed to use with any kind of laptop as long as the depth of the laptop is less than about 11 inches.

Whatever laptop you end up using, it’s very stable thanks to the rigid form and wide base. mStand also claims that the aluminum stand acts as a heat sink, and in theory I don’t think you’ll see much real world benefit from this, but it would be something interesting for me to test later on.

The mStand is great for dual-monitor setups.

Another benefit of being made from aluminum is that it’s very lightweight, so if you need to move the whole stand with laptop on it closer on your desk, or simply transport the stand elsewhere, it’s really easy.

The top of the stand has 4 rubber grip feet to hold your laptop in place, and a very secure lip that stops your laptop from slipping off. Hats off to Rain Design for this, because as you can see they’ve included a perfectly sized cutout so you can open and close the screen of your MacBook easily.

Open the screen of your laptop easily with the finger cutout.

The back has another cutout that you can use to route cables through and organize it neatly on your desk. It’s not perfect but it does do a good job at keeping the cables all in one place.

The mStand comes in 3 different colors to match your laptop. Space grey (which is the one I have), silver, and gold. I have to say the finish of mine has held up very well over the years. It’s been through 2 different offices, and moving houses three times and still looks really good apart from a bit of wear and tear.

How I Use The Stand

Moving on to usage scenarios, I use my mStand Laptop Stand for 2 main things, next to my 4K U2720Q monitor from Dell. Watch the video below to see how I set up the mStand in my own studio.

To me the only negative of the stand is that it’s not adjustable or collapsible at all, but then again, you won’t be buying a solid aluminum stand if you wanted either of these things. It’s also a little pricier than other cheaper stands, but like I said before, this thing is solid and would probably survive a nuclear war.

If you’re interested in trying out the mStand by Rain Design, I will have a link below taking you to the best price I’ve found on Amazon!

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