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Apple Watch 7 Rumors

With another Apple Event just around the corner, we are expecting to see Apple Watch 7 announced. What will this watch look like and what new features will it have?

There are months to the possible release of new Apple watches – expectations are high, and with high expectations come the usual speculations and rumors.  

In that regard, here is everything we know and have heard about the Apple Series 7 so far, including the design, tech specs, release date, and pricing.


We are confident that the new Watch will be named Apple Series 7. Why? Well, Apple doesn’t seem to mess with the naming convention of their Watches; since its inception, the watch naming has followed through series 1 to series 6. So expect a Watch named Series 7.

Apple Watch Series from 1 to 6
(Image Credit: Apple Explained)

Release Date

A brief look at launch dates of the past four models till date:

Apple Watch Series 3: 22 September 2017

Apple Watch Series 4: 21 September 2018

Apple Watch Series 5: 20 September 2019

Apple Watch Series 6: 18 September 2020

If we had to place a bet on when Series 7 would be launching, we would say mid-September. Most apple analysts predict a September drop, which is not particularly surprising since Apple has been dropping new watches every September without fail; even last year’s pandemic could not stop it.

The new watch or watches are expected to run on IOS 8, and Apple will likely preview them during the Apple developer’s events set to happen sometime in June.


There’s no credible news on the Series 7 price, but similar to the naming, we are not expecting any shockers. Apple Watch prices have been relatively stable.

Let’s look at the prices of the past three models:

Apple Watch Series 4: £399/$399

Apple Watch Series 5: £399/$399

Apple Watch Series 6: £379/$399

Since we are not expecting any significant changes, the Apple Watch 7 may be around $399. Of course, this is for the standard or traditional 40mm size with GPS; for the 44mm is $429, and an additional $100 for either size with cellular support.

New Design

Apple Watch if it was round
(Image Credit: Toms Guide)

One of the most anticipated news of the Apple Watch Series 7 is the design – but are there going to be any changes to series 7? We think so, but we don’t expect it to be breathtaking.

After all, we only saw slight changes to the series 6, such as the introduction of blue and red aluminum colors and graphite variant of the classic space black stainless steel casing. So we expect more of the same moving forward.

A trusted Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, said that a “significant form factor design change” will come to the Apple Watch “in 2021 at the earliest”.

In addition to that, he also mentioned that the Series 7 will “benefit from innovative health management functions and improved form factor design” –  but does not go into details of how exactly this will happen.


We expect a “slimmer” body and some incremental changes. Just as it was for the Series 6, many suspect that this is to give that new “watch feel”.

But there is a silent faction of Apple enthusiasts expecting to see a “round” Apple watch  – we doubt it – but considering Apple has patents on this, we can never entirely rule it out.


Touch ID fingerprint recognition

Rumored Fingerprint Scanner on Apple Watch 7
(Image Credit: MS power user)

This is one feature that has been in the rumor mill for some time – now more profound since Apple filed a patent that turns the Apple watch into a Touch ID sensor. There are suggestions that this feature could be under the display, similar to the power button on the 2020 iPad air; there has been no confirmation yet.

The touch ID is a controversial feature amongst Apple lovers; some people say it is a solution to a non-problem and would only drive up the product’s price needlessly.

Many would instead use Face ID, or the unlock by wrist feature, which is in the works (filed patent published in January)

Health changes

Apple Watch Synced with iPhone for Health App
(Image Credit: Apple)

One of Apple’s main selling points of its watches is its many health features, and if past models are anything to go by, we can say that this is one of Apple’s well-known strategies.

The Apple Watch Series 6 introduced blood oxygen measurement levels, Apple Series 5 offered the work-out app and had the ECG function for Series 4. 

The big rumor is that Apple is presenting blood glucose measuring, blood pressure measuring, a better sleep and fitness tracking (available on the Series 6 but desperately needs upgrading)  – the fast company mentions that Apple hired several engineers and clinicians to work on these features.

There are also expectations about mental health improvements like stress management tools that warn you of increased stress levels and possible panic attacks.

MicroLED display

In 2018, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on a MicroLED display screen for the next watch series, which many believed would be a part of the Series 6. Although that did not materialize, there is an expectation that we will get to see it in the Series 7 – MicroLED display offers better brightness, a more power-efficient watch, and does not suffer from luminance decay problems.

Better Battery Life

Apple Watch Charging on a Dock
(Image Credit: Apple – Magnetic Charging Dock)

One of the more certain upgrades is the Series 7 improved battery life; with sleep tracking, a better battery, it is now more critical than ever. The Series 6 came with fast charging; it shows that this is something that Apple is concerned about and possibly working on. 

A patent shows that Apple has explored using the strap and extra battery; could we see that in series 7? It may be possible.


Our final thoughts on the Apple Series 7 are that we won’t have significant design changes or any mind-blowing features, but the new Apple Watch will be better than previous models.

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