Top 5 Apple AirTag Accessories

Apple AirTag is a handy tracker which helps you with finding your lost items. Unfortunately they do not come with an attachment hook, so you need to buy accessories to use them to their full potential.

After two years of waiting for the Apple AirTags, we’re glad to see they are finally here. This small tracking device developed by Apple uses the “Find My” network to locate any of your lost or stolen items.

Priced at $29, this device will keep track of your keys, luggage, wallet, and more. The application can be installed on any Apple device and locate the tracker. Furthermore, if someone finds your lost item with an AirTag, they can use their mobile device to scan it and read your contact information.

This tracker is a handy device that will prevent you from searching your car keys all over the house or forgetting your wallet at the gas station. If you aren’t sure if you should buy them, then take a look at our Should You Buy AirTags post.

The Best Accessories for your AirTags

The Apple AirTag is a small tracker with a battery, and it doesn’t come with an attachment hook. Accessories are needed to hold the tracker, and the best ones depend on what you need the AirTag for. This is where Apple, as well as officially supported third-party companies, come in.

Apple AirTag Loop

AirTag in a yellow Apple Loop
(Image Credit: Apple)

If you want to stick to Apple products, they offer one of the best accessories, the AirTag Loop. This polyurethane loop is durable and lightweight. It’s a great option if you want to attach the AirTag to your bag or luggage.

The enclosure wraps itself tight around the tracker, so no need to worry about losing it (though you can track it, obviously). The AirTag Loop is available in four different colors: white, deep navy, sunflower, and electric orange. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in brown or black, so you might have to look for a different solution if you want those colors.

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Apple AirTag in a leather key ring holder
(Image Credit: Apple)

Another high-quality AirTag accessory from Apple is the AirTag leather key ring. Plain but sleek in design, the ring is made out of strong stainless steel, and the leather tracker casing is made from soft European leather.

The AirTag fits nice and tight, and the steel ring can be easily attached to your keys or wallet. Apple’s leather keyring is available in three colors: baltic blue, saddle brown, and red.

Moment Hard Shell Mount

Hard shell AirTag holder in black
(Image credit: Moment)

If you’re looking for a secure method to track your luggage, camera, drone, bike, and any other objects that might take a beating, the hard shell mount from Moment is a great option. It is made from a highly durable aramid fiber shell and backed with a strong adhesive that allows you to stick the AirTag to any flat surface.

On the inside, it is lined with a shock-absorbing foam that acts as an extra layer of security. There’s no need to worry about your AirTag when your luggage gets kicked around the airport.

In addition, the hard shell mount is low profile and can easily be hidden. If you lose your camera or bike to thieves, chances are they won’t find this slim black AirTag accessory.

Nomad Glasses Strap

AirTag glasses strap in black
(Image credit: Nomad)

Do you tend to misplace your glasses frequently? If that’s the case, Nomad has the solution with the Nomad AirTag Glasses Strap. This strap is specifically designed to keep your glasses safe and secure, thanks to its simple integration of the AirTag. It comes with universal glasses attachments that allow you to fit it on any glasses and the pop-in holder for your AirTags.

You will never have to worry about losing your glasses while hiking or performing any other activities. The capsule that holds the AirTags also acts as a tensioner that secures the glasses tightly on your head. If you ever misplace your glasses, you’ll be able to find them easily, and the strap also gives you the ability to let them hang from your neck when you don’t need them.

Elevation Lab TagVault Keychain

Black steel AirTag case
(Image credit: Elevation Lab)

This Elevation Lab TagVault Keychain case for the Apple AirTags is built to handle the real world, and it won’t bulk up your pocket. Made using stainless steel hardware, it can take a great deal of abuse without getting scratched or damaged. What’s even more interesting is that it’s also waterproof!

This case will protect your AirTags from physical damage as well as water damage, making it a highly reliable accessory. You can use it to keep track of your keys, purse, wallet, backpack, and various valuables. Its simplistic design and simple look also protect your AirTags from curious eyes because it doesn’t look like anything special, and they can’t even tell it’s holding a tracking device.

Final Thoughts

The Apple AirTags are must-haves for anyone who already relies on one or two Apple devices. This affordable device is meant to improve your quality of life by removing the stress of searching for your keys or glasses when you’re in a hurry or finding your luggage at a busy airport. However, you need a case to go with it. This depends on where you plan to attach your AirTag and your budget. Go through our list, and you will indeed find a suitable accessory for your AirTags.

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